9 Sep

Hi there!  I’m Rory.  I’m vegan, I like alcohol and I’m starting a blog (obviously).

The idea for this blog came to me one day over a year ago (I can’t exactly remember when, but I think it was cold out) when I was standing at the stove making a pot of chili with tequila.  As I was adding the tequila, I realized that of all the times I’d been to liquor stores, most of those times were to buy booze to cook with.  In spite of having learned to bartend and really enjoying a drink every now and then, I looked at my collection of alcohol and realized that only three of the maybe ten or eleven bottles there had been bought with drinking in mind.  So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to start collecting all my recipes that included booze, maybe come up with some original cocktails, and share that with people?

That passion, combined with a desire to find something stimulating to do that wouldn’t require me to get out of my pajamas very often, lead me to the world of blogging.  It seemed like an interesting spin on the typical vegan, food centric blog formula that I hadn’t ever seen.  I’ve had the thought in the back of my mind for some time now, but only recently had the idea to put some bar and restaurant reviews in the mix (which gives me something more to do if I ever decide I do want to get out of my pajamas).  So now, with a whole world of vegan vices at my fingertips, I’ve finally been motivated to start The Ethical Lush.

Now, I’ve never really had a blog before (unless you count the LiveJournal I had when I was 16, which by the way, don’t) so I’m a bit nervous to jump right in, but I figure, what the hell?  I’m just going to try to have fun with it, and hope that somebody out there reads it and has fun with it too.

So happy drinking everyone, and I hope to see you back here soon for my first, non introductory post!